The Benefits of Essential Oils

This post may contain affiliate links.

I’ve stumbled upon Vitruvi 2 years back and I fell in love with their branding and smart online marketing. It’s an essential oil company and they happen to make one of the chicest yet minimal packagings which I love.

I would use essential oils after a long day and it indeed makes me more relaxed. There’s Lavender, Geranium, Lemon and more.

Shop below for essential oils to elevate your mood!

Vitruvi Focus Roll-On Fragrance • $38
VITRUVI Sleep Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil • $38
VITRUVI Eucalyptus Essential Oil • $13
VITRUVI Geranium Essential Oil • $18
VITRUVI Rosemary Essential Oil • $15
Vitruvi – Frankincense Essential Oil • $18
Vitruvi – Organic Lavender Oil • $18
Vitruvi – Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil • $13
Vitruvi Still Roll-On Fragrance • $38
Vitruvi Essential Oil Set • $40
Vitruvi White Stone Essential Oil Diffuser • $95.20

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